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We would love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us an email info@cooee-kids.com  or call 0207 193 7395.

What Cooee is all about

Cooee is a young sustainable kids clothing brand that makes beautiful everyday kids clothes for children aged 18 months to 7 years. Cooee has been set up with social responsibility and good ethics at its core to ensure that the entire production process supports the Ugandan people who make the clothes - from the farmers to the seamstresses. All our products are made sustainably from 100% Africa cotton (100% CmiA-Certified). The cotton is hand picked and grown with rain water irrigation only. It is natural, non toxic, non GMO Cotton Made in Africa cotton. Our clothes all feature unique hand-drawn print designs to engage children's imagination. Co-founders Anna and Naomi met while living in Uganda, Africa and found a mutual desire to explore the fabulous cotton available in the country. 

Cooee Kids Founders - making Ethical Cotton kids clothes, sustainably  in Uganda, CmiA

Cotton made in Africa (CmiA)

At Cooee we are very proud to partner with CmiA. We use 100% CmiA Certified Cotton to ensure our cotton clothes have been produced with respect to both people and nature. Cooee believes in the development and empowerment of people, both through our staff and though the fabulous raw materials that we use to create our beautiful products.  

Cotton made in Africa is an initiative of the Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF) which helps smallholder cotton farmers in Africa to improve their living conditions.

As part of the CmiA Certificate small farmers are assisted to improve their living conditions and those of their children. Child labour, dangerous pesticides and genetically modified cotton are strictly forbidden. Smallholder farmers get a fair and timely payment and are trained in modern, efficient and sustainable cotton farming practices. This helps the farmers to generate higher yields and incomes.

Supporting Chance for Childhood

We were proud to support Chance for Childhood over the Summer of 2020. For every t-shirt bought (either online or in-stores) Cooee donated £2 to Chance for Childhood. 

Donations went towards Chance for Childhood's work in Uganda where their partner, Passion for Community, helps to ensure children have access to fair justice and rehabilitation services as well as supporting young people access to employment and food. Agriculture is by far Uganda’s largest employer with 86% of Ugandans living in rural regions relying heavily on subsistence farming. With Passion for Community we provide 3-month practical training courses and mentoring opportunities on agribusiness and entrepreneurship to vulnerable young people. 

“With our shared ethical commitment, we couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with Cooee for their summer collection.” Alice Barley, Director of Fundraising. 

To find out more about Chance for Childhood and the wonderful work they are doing, please visit www.chanceforchildhood.org  


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