Who made my clothes?

Have you ever thought about all the steps that are necessary to get the #cotton on the field into your wardrobe as a finished #t-shirt? And how many hands are involved in the process? We have and thought we would give you a little overview: it all starts with nothing more than a few little seeds of cotton, the field is prepared, the seeds are planted, the plants are cared for and the cotton is harvested - in our case this happens in Western Uganda 🇺🇬, where the raw cotton starts it’s journey, firstly just a few miles up the road to the ginnery where the raw cotton from all the #smallholdfarmers in the area is collected and deseeded and pressed into bales, ready to start their journey to Kampala. Here the cotton is cleaned, spun into cotton rope and then into yarn 🧶 it is then knitted into large sheets of cotton jersey and then dyed into beautiful colours, from there it goes to the cutting station where the cloth is cut according to the pattern the pattern makers have provided, and then printed with the designs our wonderful artists and graphic designs team have come up with, the pieces then go upstairs where amazing seamstresses make it into garments. Each piece is quality checked and packed into boxes 📦 ready to start it’s journey to the customer. Once it reaches Europe you can purchase the items from our wonderful retail partners such as @kiri_jule @avocadostore.de @weecos @coastalkidsnb, who are all big advocates for #ethical #sustainablefashion or on our online store @cooeekids (link in bio). If you consider everyone who is involved in the process to create one garment we estimate that it’s more than 50 people that have been involved in the production - astonishing, no!?! #whomademyclothes #letschangethatfashiongame #ecokidsfashion #ethicalootd #fashrev #fashionrevolution #thepeoplebehindyourclothes #ethicalkidsfashion #kidsfashion #kidstshirt

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