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Who made my clothes?

Have you ever thought about all the steps that are necessary to get the #cotton on the field into your wardrobe as a finished #t-shirt? And how many hands are involved in the process? We have and thought we would give you a little overview: it all starts with nothing more than a few little seeds of cotton, the field is prepared, the seeds are planted, the plants are cared for and the cotton is harvested - in our case this happens in Western Uganda 🇺🇬, where the raw cotton starts it’s journey, firstly just a few miles up the road to the ginnery where the raw cotton from all the #smallholdfarmers in the area is collected and deseeded and...

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Cooee Kids launch SS19 collection 'Ethical | Sustainable | Cotton

This season sees Cooee Kids take inspiration from holiday adventures seen through the eyes of our kids. Our SS19 “The Magical Adventures Collection’ consists of fun designs from space helmets, rad surf vans, and dancing unicorns to transport your kids imagination to another world. Unisex For the first time the entire collection is gender neutral, for boys and girls from 18 month to 7 years.  We feel kids should be able to wear what they like, without being pressed into a stereotype. “Just T-Shirts - for girls, for boys, for whoever likes to wear them.” Our responsibility to the planet Our collection starts with ethically sourced cotton, grown in the fields of western Uganda. It is then processed into cotton...

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