Cooee Kids launch SS19 collection 'Ethical | Sustainable | Cotton

This season sees Cooee Kids take inspiration from holiday adventures seen through the eyes of our kids. Our SS19 “The Magical Adventures Collection’ consists of fun designs from space helmets, rad surf vans, and dancing unicorns to transport your kids imagination to another world.

For the first time the entire collection is gender neutral, for boys and girls from 18 month to 7 years.  We feel kids should be able to wear what they like, without being pressed into a stereotype. “Just T-Shirts - for girls, for boys, for whoever likes to wear them.”

Our responsibility to the planet
Our collection starts with ethically sourced cotton, grown in the fields of western Uganda. It is then processed into cotton cloth and hand crafted by our team of skilled seamstresses in Kampala, Uganda.
Sustainability and ethical practice remain at the forefront of Cooee clothing, through teaming up with CmiA we create our gender neutral collection for little people, who like to have fun.
What the founders say
“Children should be free to wear whatever they like, without being pressured into the standard stereotypes. We feel that clothing for kids should be comfortable, fun and durable and non gender specific.” Anna Hesemann (Co-Founder Cooee Kids)
“As mums ourselves we see first hand how gender stereotypes affects our kids. Between us we have 4 kids, of which 2 girls who only wear dresses and 1 girl point blankly refuses to wear any kind of skirt or dress.  Ultimately we want to support kids and empower them to make their own choices hence; Just t-shirts, for girls, for boys for whoever wants to wear them.” Naomi Wells (Co-Founder Cooee Kids)

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